What to Do

Ghulkin is surrounded by snow covered high Mountains and glaciers. The best time to visit this area is from April to November if you want to trek, climb or explore the valley. In summer the landscape become lush green and cool breeze from the glaciers in the surrounding area keeps valley temperature very pleasant.   Late October to mid-November is the best time to experience the fall foliage, and mid-March to mid April is the peak season for seeing an explosion of blossoms.

In winter the whole valley is covered with snow.  In the recent years, winter sports such as Ice-hockey, ice-skating and ice-climbing has also become very popular among the local youth. Infact, boys and girls teams from Ghulkin have won medals in different winter sports tournament. Ghulkin has also serve as the venue of national winter sports event in 2021 which has created lot enthusiasm among the locals to promote winter tourism in their area. 

Adventure Tourism

There are number of trekking routes which originates from this area. These trekking routes ideal for short trekking outings from Ghulkin. The trekking route of Patundas is one the most scenic trekking routes of this area, 3 Days trek: Ghulkin to Talangshi Japanese Base camp of Shishper peak 7611m Gojal View point, day excursion Ghulkin Ghar, Famous paragliding flying point Borith sar, Day hike to Passu Ghar summer passage. but there are number of shorter duration treks and easy hikes which can attract nature loving tourists.

There are ample opportunities to do mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing, ice-climbing in glaciers, paragliding, Yak riding in summer season. Moreover, in winter there is good opportunity to participate in winter sports such ice hockey, curling, ice skating and ice-climbing of frozen water falls. 

Culture Tourism

Folk music is an important part of Wakhi culture. The origin of local musical instruments is from Central Asia, which include Rubab, Duf, Ghizek, Flute and Dorya. The youth of the village has opened a music school where local boys and girls learn traditional music. They also arrange local music shows on demand for the tourists. 

Sports Tourism

There are various traditional sport which local people of different age play in different seasons. Putuk and Kurmum is played in Winter. Sikh mushn is an indoor game which is played in winter during marriage events. Jugun (Polo) by foot and by hours is played in summer and autumn. With the passage of time now Cricket and football has also gained popularity is played in the village by local youth.


Agricultural is the main sources of income of the community, and it is also the backbone of local economy. Local community is well aware of the concept of agri-tourism and they demonstrate it, when tourists visit their village, they meet the natives and enjoy their hospitality while visiting their fields and orchards and enjoying the agricultural activates which the natives perfume on daily basis in every season. 

Normally the agricultural activates are started from March till November during those eight months’ local communities involve in various activates in their fields as like cultivation of different crops, plantation, crafting and collecting of various fruits. Draying process of aprotic etc.