Where to Go

Introduction of some of key tourist sites of this area is given below:


Yazruw is located between Ghulkin and Borith is a nice spot for picnic and camping. From this spot tourist can enjoy the nice view of surrounding mountains this is also starting point for a nice trekking excursion, from where one can cross the glacier and reach Borith Lake. 

Nasir khusrav School view point

This view point is located at the middle of Ghulkin which is hilly area from where tourists enjoy the view of Ghulkin village Attabad Lake, Ondara Fort, Ghulkin Glaciers and Passu Cones.

Old House of Qirghiz Boi and Old Mosque

Almost 700 year old house in Ghulkin is the House of Qirghiz Boi, named after the first Wakhi settler to the village. This ancient house is built in the typical Tibetan inspired architecture of the time. The door frames and wooden pillars are intricately decorated with the wood carvings. Some of the carvings depict symbols from pre-Islamic times, such as a two headed bird and several stupa like shapes. Wood carving was a speciality of the Baltis of the East, who often came long ways to work on the forts, palaces and mosques of the Hunza Valley

Local community with the support of IUCN Pakistan has converted the old house of Qirghiz Boi in to small village heritage museum which can be visited by the tourists. Tourist can also visit 900 year’s old Qorab Shah Mosque which is located near the old house. 

Ondra Fort 

Located at scenic spot, Ondra Fort is nice short hike to a place which offer one of the best panoramic 360 degree view of whole valley. Perched high above Between Ghulkin and Gulmit, remains of Ondra Fort which was built over 1000 years ago is worth exploring site in this area. Strategically placed it was built to control the invasions from neighbouring areas.  

Borith Lake

In the vicinity of Ghulkin Village, Borith Lake is an ideal spot for a day excursion. At the elevation of around 2600m, Borith Lake lies approximately 2 km to the north of Hussaini village on KKH. It is also accessible by a short trekking route directly from Ghulkin village, across the end of the Hussaini glacier.
This lake is a sanctuary for migrating wildfowl and is often visited by bird-watchers and nature lovers. To witness the large number of ducks arriving from the warmer parts of southern Pakistan, one should visit this lake between the months of March and May. The birds rest here on their way northwards to the cooler waters of central Asia. Similarly, from September–November, the event occurs in reverse with the onset of winter towards the north.

A longer walk to Passu Gar Glacier is another attraction. From Borith Lake, hikers can continue on the southern side of Borith Lake past the settlement of Borith Bala and the deserted settlement of Shahabad. The walk takes about 4 to 5 hours from Ghulkin to Passu. From the glacier, a path leads down to the Karakorum Highway and the Shisper Hotel.
Borith Lake Hotel and Resort is nice place to stay at one of the most beautiful settings in this area, Rooms with a view over the tranquil lake and the snowy mountains. Far away from the bustle of the big cities in an ideal place for nature lovers. This hotel also serves delicious local and continental food to its guests.
Last Resort is an other place to stay for nature and adventure lovers. This is a serene and visually stunning glamping site in Borith Bala. It is managed by the popular TV host Wajahat Malik.

Hussaini Bridge

Hussaini suspension bridge is considering the most thrilling and longest walking bridge in Gilgit Baltistan. it is located at a short walk for Hussaini village. Its length is around 400 steps from one end to the other end of the suspension bridge. The Hussaini suspension bridge also provide an amazing view of Passu Cones.

The local community has constructed it after a flood washed away their old bridge. The local residents of Husseini village use the suspension bridge to reach their newly settled area of Zarabad and take agricultural commodities through this bridge to Zarabad.